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It isn’t enough to have intellect, experience, and knowledge of the business. These are important of course, but underpinning these are your ability to influence and inspire, to communicate, to empathise and to motivate your people; your soft skills. 
“I can’t put it any more plainly: the ability to lead, manage, influence, and inspire other people is the number one fundamental, essential skill that all supply chain leaders and managers should possess.” (www.logisticsbureau.com) 
Most of us think we know how we are seen by others yet most of us, in truth, don’t. How do you know how well you are interacting/leading? Will your team tell you if you are moody, for example, or being irrational? 
In 1995 Daniel Goleman wrote his seminal works ‘Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ’ in which he argues that at the foundation of our success in life lies our ability, or otherwise, to understand how we come across to other people, in essence our self awareness. 
Here at UK-Centric Supply Chains we can help you to discover how you are likely to behave at work; how your team, your peer group and of course your boss, are likely to see you, particularly if and when you are irritable. We can help you to discover your brand. 
We have many years of expertise in leadership profiling using the Hogan test suite Hogan Assessments | Personality Tests That Predict Performance 
The Hogan suite reveals your motives, your values, how you perform when calm and when unstable due to pressure. In other words how you are predicted to behave under different emotional conditions. This raising of your awareness is invaluable to your own personal growth and, ultimately, your success as a leader. 
The test may reveal, for example: 
Is your work-life balance where you want it to be? 
Is your level of ambition where you want it to be? 
Are you a team player or prefer working alone? 
What motivates you in your career and are your satisfying those motives? 
Are you resilient or prone to irritability? 
How might you begin to derail – to come across to your team if/when you do? 
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Author: Dr Jack Carnell 
Jack is a highly successful CEO, Chairman, Academic, Coach and Board Director with public and private sector experience. Currently a Senior Fellow at Aston University and previously MD of South Staffordshire Water, Chairman of a National Sector Skills Council and a Past President of the Institute of Water. Jack is a also a qualified psychometric profiler across multiple platforms and an executive coach. 
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