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Calluna Graphix is based in Shropshire and was established in 2019 by Heather Crowe, a creative and talented Graphic Designer, who really cares about the environment. Heather has worked specifically in exhibition stand design since 2014 and has seen how inherently wasteful the industry is. This is why she decided to take the leap and start her own business supplying sustainable exhibition stands that push for a greener event industry. Calluna Graphix supply any business sector or exhibition within the UK; working directly with exhibitors or as official graphic suppliers working with exhibition organisers. 
With a commitment to both her clients and the environment, she has analysed every step of creating, installing, and the afterlife of an exhibition stand to find the most environmentally friendly solutions to minimise the cost to our planet. Calluna’s stands are made sustainable in many ways from using a modular system, sustainable fabric graphics printed with water based dyes, to getting the fabric upcycled post-event. 
The cost of producing exhibition stands in a sustainable way is higher, however Calluna Graphix believe that the customer shouldn’t have to choose between cost and the environment, which is why they don’t pass these costs on and remained competitively priced. 
“Post Covid we have seen the event industry shift towards more sustainable solutions. There has been much discussion about how it can move forward in a way that minimises its impact on the environment. We are proud to be part of the solution. Here at Calluna Graphix we are more than just modular/ reusable stands. We use sustainable fabrics, dyes, plant trees, help charities. It’s not just our stands that strive to be sustainable, it’s our entire company. Our employees are often found discussing sustainable living habits, finding new eco friendly technologies, and often implement these throughout the business”. 
Heather Crowe 

Support from UK-Centric Supply Chains 

Calluna Graphix teamed up with UK-Centric Supply Chains to look into our current services, suppliers, and business processes to evaluate our supply chain. Through their assessment, they were able to highlight parts of our supply chain that were working well and parts we could develop sustainably to help our business processes as well as to provide us with new opportunities. They understood our company from our mission to use environmentally friendly suppliers to understanding that our currently suppliers are long established relationships all of this was taken into consideration as they analysed our supply chain. 
UK-Centric Supply Chains were brilliant, they sent us a detailed report of their findings alongside suggested recommendations for us to be able to act on, with extra support where needed. This initial assessment has outlined how we can mitigate risks across our entire supply chain and paved the way for us to move forward as our company develops. 


The intervention with UK-Centric Supply Chains enabled us to grow by establishing job roles and skills audits. This has helped with succession planning, especially aiding the company during busy periods. Combining this and our reviews with suppliers, we have been able to spot when extra labour will be needed and are able to source the correct supplier for extra help. 
It was also found that stock counts were being done sporadically. It means that at peak times stock checks were being done under pressure, which could cause serious problems if done incorrectly. Calluna Graphix has now established more regular stock checks and have a system in place for checking in new orders and adding these to the stock check. This has made the stock more reliable and easier for Calluna Graphix to forecast when new supplies are needed. 
Heather said “As a new business at the time of UK-Centric Supply Chains help, it was great to have their support from the get-go, so I could build up our processes and supply chains in the right direction. It has been really helpful to establish these and has certainly helped with business processes since I have grown.” 
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