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Walero, based in Cambridge, is a company that is constantly striving to supply motorsport with the most technologically advanced FIA approved underwear possible. Not willing to accept the norm, Walero has used NASA technology to develop the most advanced motorsport baselayer on the market. 
Walero’s temperature regulating baselayers, come from a desire to protect drivers from the strains of racing whilst at the same time provide a boost in performance. With an acute understanding of physiology, Founder, CEO, and racing driver, Fiona James, is all too aware of the strain that motorsport puts on a driver. The physical effort of racing, the heat of the cockpit and inadvertently insulating safety wear that drivers wear can be a dangerous cocktail of factors. So, Fiona set herself the challenge: to find a solution to the heat stress, fatigue and drop in performance suffered by drivers due to heat. From this, Walero was born. 
“We are in a period of substantial growth in our core motorsports business, and we are about to expand into a new market with Walero Outdoors as we felt that all the benefits that we bring to top motorsports athletes would also transfer really well to anyone who is active, from dog walkers to professional adventure climbers.” 
“Our aim is to be leading the way in technologically advanced products, embracing the most up to date renewable and sustainable technology, enabling people to perform at their best in absolute comfort without compromise on style or performance.” 
Fiona James 
CEO & Founder 

Support from UK-Centric Supply Chains 

UK-Centric Supply Chains assist companies in the manufacturing, automotive, engineering, food and drink sectors to map, assess and improve the capabilities of their supply chains with the view to grow and to maximise UK content. The project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020 programme and part-funded by Aston University. 
Through this initiative, Walero teamed up with UK- Centric Supply Chains to access knowledge and expertise within Aston University and to strengthen their supply chain. The UK- Centric Supply Chains team conducted an initial assessment of their supply chain maturity and provided them with a detailed diagnostic report, summarising findings and recommendations. This was followed by more in-depth online consultations which focused on mapping their supply chain and assisting in the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda. The UK-Centric Supply Chains team provided Walero with supportive materials and recommendations on implementing a CSR policy and managing and mitigating risks across the supply chain by increasing the supply chain visibility. 


The intervention with UK-Centric Supply Chains provided Walero with a deeper understanding of their supply chain in relation to existing capabilities, and helped them to improve business processes and achieve sustainable development. 
“With our growth and our imminent launch of Walero Outdoors, especially bearing in mind what the world has thrown at us in the last 18 months, we felt that the time was right to take a hard look at our supply chain and its strengths and weaknesses in order to identify how we can improve. The UK-Centric Supply Chain’s consultation helped us to develop our knowledge and capacity and in addition, to introduce new initiatives, such as the CSR agenda, which adds value to our business, customers and society.” 
Fiona James CEO & Founder 
www.walero.uk www.walero-outdoors.com 
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